Tuesday, March 23, 2010

film and food

Every year we choose one film at the Cleveland International Film Festival that has to do with food. Last year we viewed The Garden, an amazing film that had people in tears. This year we chose Ingredients, a film that focuses on chefs using fresh, local ingredients, and why local is so much better. The farmers featured in this film are truly dedicated to their work, and strive to provide the best possible quality without using harmful pesticides or chemicals. We left this viewing with great appreciation for our local farmers, and also feeling inspired to grow more ourselves.

During the spring and summer months we live off of produce from our local farmers and our own garden, but the winter months are tough here in Ohio. At our grocery store they don't carry anything local in the winter, but for us, nothing changes. We still want to eat local during the winter! So for us we've also re-committed ourselves to canning and preserving more this year, so we can enjoy local foods all year round!

(our green beans are growing!)

After the film we joined other Slow Food members for lunch, fittingly, at The Greenhouse Tavern. As many of you probably already know, Chef Jonathon Sawyer and all of the chefs at the Greenhouse use only the best ingredients, which are sourced locally whenever possible. They seek out local farmers who produce the freshest, most delicious produce and meat- the Chef wouldn't have it any other way! In fact, we had an amazing Ohio beef burger for lunch, and while we dined we were able to speak with the farmer who produced the meat, Aaron Miller (he happened to be there for another event). We were able to ask questions about the food we were eating, and gain a better understanding of the care he took in producing it. It just doesn't get any better than that! And if you've never tried Miller Livestock, check them out, you won't be disappointed.
(tomato seedlings!)

It was a great day of film and food, and we're looking forward to the fresh, local food that we'll be eating this spring and summer!



  1. sounds like a great day..


  2. Looking great! So good to see little sprouts of hope especially when it's snowing again :(