Friday, June 25, 2010

sweet treats

Lack of posting doesn't equal a lack of cooking (or eating!), just a lack of time! We've been so busy lately I can barely keep up. And in addition to our usual craziness, we're also preparing for the arrival of our daughter in early August!

My hunger has reached new levels, and I can't get enough sweets!! Here are just some of the things to come out of our kitchen lately, along with links to the recipes. Enjoy!

(strawberry swirl cheesecake bars with shortbread crust. I kinda made up this recipe. If I ever get the time I'll write it down and share!)

(chocolate chip blondies. a winner every time.)

(chocolate chip ricotta with raspberries and honey- just whip ricotta with confectioners sugar, toss in some chocolate chips, and top with fresh raspberries and local honey. dessert is ready!)

(blueberry boy bait. like a sugary blueberry muffin cake!)

(vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese buttercream. so sweet and delicious!)

(blueberry cornmeal cake. much better than this picture looks. if you like cornbread, try this!)

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